The Sanitation Conversation

These days, it seems restaurants, bakeries, delis and cafes are united in concern for the present and the future, and how to run their operations safely. With sanitation concerns at an all-time high, here are some tips and guidelines to best equip your kitchen and staff for the new best-practices in food safety.


Understand the New Regulations & Guidelines

Though the guidelines vary from state to state and seem to change every other week, it is important to stay informed on the expectations of your business to mitigate risk to customers and staff. Aside from social distancing, you may need to consider some of the following:

•  What needs to be cleaned & sanitized?
•  How often?
•  By whom?
•  Do sanitation changes affect your menu, staffing needs or operating hours?
•  Are additional supplies, equipment  & training needed?
open sign sanitizer


How-to: Always Follow the Manufacturer's Guidelines

Globe has outlined the optimum methods for cleaning and sanitation in our Owner’s Manuals. Equipment should be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized every 4 hours, or after contact with non-sterilized surfaces. This method requires not only  wiping down with a typical warm water/mild soap solution, but also spraying a quaternary ammonium sanitizer and allowing to air dry. 

Thankfully, not all machine components must be hand-washed. Immersion Blender sticks, removable slicer blades, mixer bowl guards and other stainless-steel parts can be removed, washed & sanitized in a dish machine then reinstalled. High water temperatures are great for chemical-free sanitation. Be sure to refer to any manuals to see which parts are dish machine safe to prevent damage to your equipment.

cleaning s-series slicer

New Tools — New Normal

While we all understand keeping our faces and hands covered, what about our equipment? Mixers and slicers can be stored with covers to help keep them sanitary between uses. Globe offers sanitation covers for all our gravity feed slicers as well as our SP05, SP08 and SP20 mixers. These clear covers are also great for keeping dust and other particulates off of idle equipment, reducing the time needed to clean before use.

  G12 Sanitation Cover

 Bonus Features  It's About Time

For those looking to purchase new equipment (take advantage of our new Financing Program!), Globe's Advanced S-Series Slicers (SG13 manual, SG13A Automatic) now have a 4-hour cleaning schedule function built in! This allows the operator to easily track when it’s time to clean and sanitize the slicer. Notifications are given at 3 hours 30 minutes and 3 hours 45 minutes. If the slicer isn’t unplugged, cleaned and sanitzed before the 4-hour mark, it will automatically shut down for cleaning. Operations can resume once the slicer has been cleaned, sanitized and  plugged back in.

 SG13A 15-minute cleaning warning

Finding ways to stay operational and do so safely can be a great source of stress during these unprecedented times, but it doesn’t have to be. With these tips, you can keep your community fed, satisfied and better protected.