The Power of Immersion Therapy

Globe Immersion Blenders and Blending Sticks:
Power in the Palm of Your Hands 


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Hand Held Commercial Blenders That Are Easy To Use

Globe's Immersion Blenders and blending sticks allow operators to blend, mix, purée, and emulsify with a single solution that's mobile, easy to use, and easy to clean. Here's a brief video intro. 

Blending Power and Performance

There are restrictions with most countertop blenders, but with Globe you can immerse yourself in convenience. Blending sticks come in multiple sizes, 500 and 750 AMP watt motors, a long 7.5’ power cord, and they keep safety in mind along with a 1 year replacement warranty. Now that you've seen the Globe Immersion Blender in action, let's take a deeper look at all the other great features of Globe Immersion Blenders. 

  • Variable speeds allow operator to change speeds on the fly for flexibility and control 
  • No tools required to remove or install blending sticks 
  • Stainless steel blending sticks and blades provide optimal sanitation 
  • Blending attachments are dishwasher safe, available in six lengths or a 10” wisk and all store easily with our optional wall mount 
  • Replaceable blade is easily removed with a tool for operator protection during replacement 
  • Power Switch Interlock for operator protection that prevents inadvertent operation 

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