Globe Solutions: Designing a Ghost Kitchen

Ghost Kitchens  A Very Real and Permanent Presence

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an undeniable impact on the restaurant industry, causing a rise in popularity of not only delivery services, but the ghost kitchen in particular. While 2020 saw many closed dining rooms and third-party delivery apps, the temporary situation seems to have sparked a more permanent change. Ghost kitchens are here to stay. 


Dress for Success

Understanding the purpose and funtion of a ghost kitchen is vital when deciding how best to outfit the operation. Typically, space is very limited and menu items are carefully planned to maximize the usage of similar ingredients. Cost-effectiveness and efficiency are the magic words. So what equipment best aligns with this mission?

Globe SP20 Mixer with Shredder housing

Fast Food Prep

Believe it or not, a planetary mixer is an excellent way to introduce versatility to food prep. Aside from the obvious mixing, the SP20 features a small footprint and a #12 attachment hub, ideal for a wide array of applications. Small, easy-to-store attachments allow you to shred, grate, grind, tenderize and more, all with one piece of equipment. Not only does this maximize your space, it also maximizes your time, ingredients and labor.

Globe G12 Slicer with Vegetable HopperAccessories can be added to a meat slicer for similar results on a smaller scale. Food fences allow the operator to slice vegetables and other narrow products quickly and uniformly. A vegetable hopper processes products like onions, tomatoes, potatoes or lettuce exponentially faster than by hand. Like the mixer attachements, these store easily and take up little space.


Globe GIB750-14 Immersion Blender

Mobile Blending

Another great tool to have in a ghost kitchen is an immersion blender. Rather than having a stationary blender on a countertop, immersion blenders allow you to blend, puree, whip and emulsify anywhere in the kitchen. The optional wall mount is great for storing blending sticks, utilizing wall space instead of counter space. 

Gas Cooking Combinations

Now that all the food prep is out of the way, it’s time to turn up the heat. As with brick-and-mortar restaurants, ghost kitchens will all have unique requirements. The challenge of limited space is no bar to success with modular, customizable gas countertop cooking equipment. Globe offers countertop fryers, griddles, charbroilers and hot plates in varying sizes, great for combining pieces to fit your needs. Mix and match pieces from 12” to 60” wide, manual or thermostatic controls for optimal performance. 

globe gas cooking lineup

Ventless Solutions

For operations in need of more cooking options but have no room under the hood, Globe offers a variety of electric countertop cooking equipment. Bistro, mid-sized or deluxe panini grills are perfect for hot sandwiches, quesadillas and more. Single-burner induction ranges are a great option when a gas range isn’t available. Ghost kitchens with rice on the menu can benefit from a rice cooker or two. Soups and sauces stay warm and ready to serve in a soup warmer

Ready to Buy?

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