Globe Solutions: Reducing Food Waste

The Task at Hand

Every year, an estimated 30-40% of the US food supply is wasted, resulting in billions of dollars of loss ( Beyond the financial loss, food that could have benefitted those in need occupies landfills. Food waste has a far-reaching global impact, primarily beyond our individual control. However, there are plenty of ways for restaurants to affect change and save money. Battling the issue of food waste may feel overwhelming but small progress by many can make a big impact.

In honor of National Stop Food Waste Day, here are a few ways Globe's Vacuum Packaging Chambers can help with the cause.

What is Vacuum Packaging?

Quite simply, it's product packaged in a vacuum-sealed bag so air is removed and cannot re-enter. We've all seen it every time we've gone to a grocery store or had food shipped to us, and the concept by itself is not particularly new. The general function is familiar to most: no air means food stays fresh longer. But the food waste solutions go beyond that.

Food Waste Reduction Solutions

Keeping it Fresh

As stated before, the first and most obvious benefit of vacuum packaging is preserving freshness. While this is no shock to anyone, it is incredibly valuable to any food institution. Vacuum packaging can extend the freshness of a food product by 3-5 times beyond traditional food storage methods, and the benefits mean several things, including:

  • Fresh ingredients are less likely to spoil in the refrigerator before they're used, cutting down the growth of harmful bacteria, and reducing the speed of oxidation and dehydration.
  • Vacuum sealing prevents freezer burn, protecting the quality of products like meat even longer when they're stored in the freezer.
  • Leftovers can be saved and re-used to prevent food from being discarded. The less food that ends up in the dumpster, the better for everyone.

 Vacuum sealed salmonMore Types, More Savings

It may come as a surprise to some, but simply vacuum sealing products like fish or shellfish can increase the growth of harmful microorganisms in the absence of oxygen over time. Believe it or not, that does not exempt the same extended storage benefits while preventing microbial growth. Not all vacuum chambers offer this gas flush option, but advanced models like Globe's GVP20A allow the operator to introduce a specialized gas mixture into the bag before sealing.

Fragile food products are often discarded due solely to aesthetic damage, but would otherwise by completely safe to consume. Using the GVP20A to inflate the bag with a gas mixture creates a protective cushion around the product while maintaining freshness. This same principle is used to protect potato chips in the bag so more chips remain whole.

vacuum sealed prepped meals

Portion Control

Buying in bulk is almost always more cost effective unless unused food goes to waste. Vacuum packaging allows you to pre-portion items and preserve what isn't used in the refrigerator or freezer. Not only does this reduce food waste, but it maintains the better deal of buying in bulk.


Looking Ahead

Rather than being overwhelmed by the daunting challenge of changing the world, take heart in knowing we can all make a difference when we work together. Choosing menu items to maximize usefulness of ingredients, donating food at the end of the night to local charities, and finding more effective ways to keep food fresh all add up. If your restaurant is looking for ways to save on food costs and reduce waste, learn more about Globe's vacuum packaging solutions or speak to your local Globe Representative.