Beyond Slicer Selection


When it comes to making a purchasing decision on a slicer, Globe would like to offer insight to make it an effortless process. With our thorough product spotlight videos, comprehensive document library, and even our interactive slicer selection guide, it is hard to not make the right choice. However, there are other things to consider that vary from user to user and location to location. For anyone looking for something more than our basic C-Series economy slicers, we have put together a few more things to keep in mind when choosing a slicer.


Globe proudly offers peace of mind with a 2-year parts and labor warranty on most slicer options. If your slicer only has a 1-year warranty, and something were to happen causing a service call, the cost for both parts and labor will have to come out of an allotment that was meant for something else in your business. That could be things such as upgrading equipment, broadening your menu selections, or improving customer experience. Having coverage for two years will allow you the opportunity to plan financially further into the future. Moreover, Globe is the only company to offer 2-year warranties on medium duty slicers. 

grip tinesYIELD

How much of your sliced product are you able to use? Say you buy a 20lb loaf of meat for $100. If you are only getting 95% of your 20lb loaf due to a lower quality slicer, you are losing about $5 per loaf. If you go through a 20lb loaf per week, it comes out to $520 per year - which is going to the wayside. That money you lose out on could go toward a better-quality slicer. Yield relies heavily on how well the slicer is constructed. More specifically, the knife quality on the slicer as well as the spacing between the knife and carriage. Strong durable knives that keep a sharp edge will ensure you are getting as much of the product as possible. In addition to strong knives, having a well-designed meat grip will prove to be key in eliminating food waste. Globe offers meat grips that are sturdy enough to hold the product in place and to get a more consistent slice, such as on our G-Series and S-Series. While these are stable grips, they are not too aggressive to tear the top of the product. 

removable carriagePROTECTION

How important is operator protection to you? While all Globe slicers have great standard protective features, our advanced premium slicers offer even more to protect he operator. There is a knife guard with a "knife cover interlock" on our G-Series and S-Series (Globe is the only manufacturer with this feature). If the knife cover is not installed on the unit, you cannot start the motor. To help create a safer work environment we have also incorporated a no-voltage release. This means that if power to the unit is interrupted at all causing the unit to power down, once power is restored, it will not automatically turn the motor on. You must push the off button and then the on button to restart. The carriage tilt interlock option on the Advanced S-Series Slicers slicers prevents the slicer from operating when the carriage is tilted out of the way, which is typically during the cleaning process.

cleaning reminder


Time management in a kitchen setting is crucial to the success of the staff, and sanitation is of the utmost importance in food service. Globe slicers include many features to simplify and speed up proper cleaning. The base material made of anodized aluminum wipes clean with ease. The stainless-steel parts, like on our GC512, are dishwasher safe. Our G-Series and S-Series both come with a permanently attached knife guard to help prevent injuries while cleaning the unit and allows the person cleaning the ability to reach all the way behind the knife without fear of injury. This means less dis-and-reassembly for cleaning. As previously discussed, the knife cover is to be removed every time the unit is cleaned, and Globe wants to ensure the unit is non-operational during the cleaning process. Some of our units have a removable knife option which allows you to completely remove the knife blade for cleaning. Many of the slicers have removable parts, such as the meat grip, end weight, and carriage to provide more thorough cleaning. This will in turn cut the chances of food particles and debris getting lodged in areas that cause wear and tear - saving you from potential service calls to repair and/or replace your slicer. If the S-Series slicer is a fit for you, there is a helpful 4-hour cleaning timer that will help keep your slicer on a regular schedule.

Are you in the market for a new slicer or looking to upgrade? Now that you are armed with particulars to consider, be sure to visit our slicer selection guide to help narrow down your options to find the best solution for your needs. When you are ready to buy, contact your local representative to get started.