Not Your Average Slicer

G12 slicer with sandwichBeyond Medium-Duty Slicing

Anyone looking for "just a regular slicer that gets the job done" has probably shopped for medium-duty slicers. It's easy to assume that aside from horsepower, slicers in this range are essentially the same; it doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles and it slices meat well. If that were the case, why would there be so many to choose from, and how does anyone know which one is best? There is a right answer, with a slicer boasting features that put it ahead of the pack. That slicer is the G12.

It's All in the Features

Globe's G12 slicer has an impressive set of features that may be more expected on a premium slicer. A unique meat grip, extended carriage and slide rod, Knife Cover Interlock and No Volt Release combine to push the G12 towards the next tier of slicer. These features improve the slice quality, user experience and operator protection for a slicer that feels almost premium while still being medium duty. 

G12 end weight teethGet a Grip

It's very common to see spike-shaped teeth on slicer meat grips. While spikes may hold meat in place during slicing, less of the product is usable at the end due to too much damage to what remains. Other meat grips opt for blunted nubs that don't cause any damage to the product but also don't hold it firmly in place. The result is drastic wedge-shaped scraps that can only be salvaged as ham salad, at best. The G12 offers an alternate solution. Angled, pyramid-shaped teeth grip and hold meat or cheese without tearing up the end of the product, giving consistent slices and less waste.

G12 Slide Rod LengthGo Long

The height of the carriage matters less than you might think. The real differentiator is the length and construction of the slide rod. How far back can the meat grip go, and how long of a product can the carriage accommodate? Having an extended slide rod is necessary for larger meat and cheese blocks, but if the slide rod is bolted on to achieve this, it becomes a harborage point for bacteria. The optimal solution, of course, can be found on the G12. The slide rod is part of the carriage cast; larger product accommodated and easier, more hygienic cleaning.

Hello, Operator Protection

Even if an operator is just looking for a basic slicer, they are still in need of features that help keep them protected. This need often goes without saying, so other medium-duty slicers may overlook it. The G12 offers two notable operator protection features in particular: Knife Cover Interlock and No Volt Release. 

G12 knife cover interlockKnife Cover Interlock is a mechanism that prevents the slicer from operating if the knife cover is not in place. This helps prevent improper cleaning that can result in injury. This feature tends to be present exclusively on premium slicers, with the exception of Globe's G-Series slicers.

No Volt Release is a relay that prevents re-engagement of the motor if power is interrupted and returned. Many medium-duty slicers, much like your vacuum cleaner, will resume operation as soon as power reconnects. While it's no issue in a vacuum cleaner, it's not ideal in a slicer.

A Clear Winner

Selecting a medium-duty slicer is much easier when you have so many notable features that set the G12 apart. Operators almost always need something more that "just a slicer". Even after the sale, reliable support makes a huge difference in the total lifecycle experience of the machine. Globe offers the only medium-duty slicer backed by a 2-year parts and labor warranty, so operators can have the added peace of mind. If you're ready to take home your very own G12, shop in stores or online with one of our Click & Brick Dealer partners. If you're still not sure what kind of slicer you need, check out our Slicer Selection Guide to help pair you with the right equipment.