Mixer Case Study - Ice's Plain and Fancy

Ice's Plain and Fancy SP05SOMEWHERE IN ST. LOUIS...

Ice cream is a universal treasure on its own. You might think, why fix something that isn't broken? There is something about liquid nitrogen that takes ice cream to a whole new level. Ice's Plain and Fancy, located in the historic Shaw Neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri, has been serving made to order nitro treats (Plain), nitro ice cream cocktails (Fancy), and more. We talked to co-owner Max to get the icy insight into the impact Globe has had on their popular business. 


WHY NITRO? SP05 Nitro Ice Cream

Although traditional ice cream can cure any bad day, there is no denying the difference in using liquid nitrogen. "Flash churning ice cream with LN2 has several advantages, first of all being the freshest ice cream you can get!" says Max. While the base may start the same, there is a significant differentiator when the cream is frozen overtime in a freezer versus frozen and served within minutes. "The process freezes the ice cream so fast that ice crystals do not have time to grow, resulting in a dense, smooth ice cream with an amazing texture." Not only is there a chemistry level difference, the experience of watching your order come to life in neon-glowing mixers in front of you is unparalleled. 



Globe SP05 Mixers Nitro Ice Cream Mixing

Prior to discovering Globe, Ice's was using a popular residential brand of mixers when they opened their doors. "They broke constantly, some would last a week, some would last a day."  Ice's grew in popularity seemingly overnight, so having to produce hundreds of gallons of nitro ice cream every week required something much stronger. Upon doing more research, they discovered Globe's SP05. "We did a lot of research before switching to Globe, the lift style bowl with heavy construction along with the variable speed are key features we needed."


Globe SP05 Mixers Nitro Ice Cream MixingGLOBE TO THE RESCUE 

Ice's owners were able to go from replacing mixers every day to having minor routine repairs once or twice a year. It is uncommon for any kitchen setting to rely on their mixer to operate constantly during a workday, so finding Globe was a great solution for Ice's. "Basically, we beat our mixers to death. They run 10-12 hours a day churning out hundreds of gallons of hard ice cream a week. These mixers take it, only having a small repair every 6 months or so." When Max was asked what they love most about their Globe mixers... "They whip fast! Last longer than any mixer we have ever used." 



Ice's Plain and Fancy Butter Pecan Nitro Ice Cream


For those that are are unable to visit Ice's, follow their Facebook and Instagram to see their creations virtually. If you are in or around St. Louis, stop by Ice's Plain and Fancy to support your local nitro ice cream shop. To start your nitro ice cream journey, find your local dealership for help with a Globe mixer or contact your regional sales manager.