Cheese Shredding: The Cost of Convenience

Fresh Shredding Pays Off

Cheese is a fundamental ingredient in many culinary creations, and the choice between pre-shredded and fresh cheese can significantly impact the overall dining experience. While many restaurants opt for the convenience of pre-shredded cheese, there's a compelling case to be made for shredding fresh cheese in-house. In this blog, we'll delve into the benefits of this practice, including the enhancement of taste and quality, time and cost savings, and how it contributes to fresher, higher-quality dishes.


Taste & Freshness

The key to exceptional cheese flavor lies in its freshness. Food distributors age block cheese the optimal two weeks before they reach restaurants. Choosing block cheese allows you to enjoy the cheese at its peak, preserving its natural taste and aroma until the moment it graces the plate. In contrast, pre-shredded cheese is mass-produced with preservatives to account for it sitting in packaging for weeks, losing its freshness, original flavors and aromas. The uncertainty regarding the shredding date of pre-shredded cheese can be a culinary gamble. By shredding cheese on-site, you ensure that your customers expereince the cheese in its prime condition.

cheese pull compliation


Pre-shredded cheese often includes additives and anti-clumping agents. While these substances are necessary for packaging and shelf life, they can adversely affect the melt quality and overall texture of the cheese when used in dishes. some pre-shredded cheese varieties contain preservatives that can alter the taste and texture of your dishes, potentially compromising the authenticity of your recipes.

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Time Saving

Preparing cheese from blocks can be a time-consuming task, especially if done manually or with conventional kitchen tools like food processors. Before shredding, block cheese needs to be pre-cut into manageable pices, ading an extra step to the process. Even with continuous feed food processors, the output time far exceeds more specialized tools like dedicated, heavy-duty cheese shredders. 

Investing in specialized cheese shredding equipment signigicantly reduces preparation and processing time. These machines are designed for efficiency, allowing restaurants to keep up productivity in a fraction of the time it takes food processors to accomplish the same task.

Cost Savings

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In a restaurant, time is a valuable resource. The more time it takes to prepare ingredients, the higher the labor costs.

While pre-shredded cheese is convenient, it often comes with a premium price tag. When buying block cheese you have the opportunity to negotiate "cost-plus" prices with suppliers based on the CME Block Market price, potentially saving on ingredient costs. This gives you the best possible price and full transparency.

GSCS Cheese Shredder ROI

The choice between pre-shredded and fresh cheese isn't just a matter of convenience; it's a culinary decision that impacts taste, quality, time and cost. By opting for the fresher block cheese option, restaurants can ensure every dish they serve reaches its full potential, leaving customers craving more of their delectable creations. Globe offers 3 models of high-efficiency Cheese Shredders to help you achieve the freshest shredded cheese as fast as possible. They might just be the secret ingredient taking your restaurant's dishes to the next level.

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