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        Globe  G10, G12 & G14
        Manual Slicers
        • Smooth stainless steel ball bearing chute slide
        • No voltage release relay system
                                                                      G12  w
        • Knife cover interlock and knife ring guard
        • Motor overload protection with manual reset
        • Removable slice deflector - includes screw “teardrops” for easy removal
        • Adjustment knobs provide positive feel and better grip
        • Dual purpose handle with ergonomic design provides better control of
          product and slicing
        • Ideal 35° slicing angle
        • Slicing thickness
          G10, G12, and G14: 0 to 9/16''
        • Metal bottom enclosure keeps components protected
          Powerful motor               Dimensions
          G10: 1/3 HP, 115/60/1, 3 amps   G10: 17.5"W x 21.25"D x 14.5"H
          G12: 1/2 HP, 115/60/1, 3 amps   G12: 25"W x 25.25"D x 17.25"H
          G14: 1/2 HP, 115/60/1, 4 amps   G14: 25"W x 28"D x 18.5"H

        Globe G12A Automatic Slicer
        •  Automatic/Independent chute drive - separate chute motor.
          Chute travels at 40 strokes per minute utilizing a separate
          motor & linkage drive system
        •  Full bottom enclosure protects the motor, controls and table   G12A  w
          adjustment mechanism from moisture and debris

        •  Food fence included on the G12A only
        •  Slice thickness from 0 to 1/2''                     G12, G12A, G14 SLICERS
        •  1/2 HP motor, 115/60/1, 3 amps                      Improved Slicing Performance and Convenience!
        •  25"W x 25.25"D x 20.25"H
                                                                A                               B


                                                               A. Chute and endweight now accommodate 10.5" tall products.
                                                               End weight teeth have an exclusive pyramid-shaped design to
                                                               hold product better during slicing — delivering a better quality slice!
                                                               B. Improved gripping teeth on underside of end weight give added
                                                               stability when slicing tall products.
                                                               C. Knob added to knife cover for easier removal and installation.

                                                              Special G12-Q and G14-Q Slicers available for Québec ONLY. G12-Q
                                                              and G14-Q slicers are EN1974, UL763, and CSA, C22.2 compliant.

       10   SLICERS                                                                              Specifications subject to change without notice
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