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Introducing the NEW S-Series Premium Slicers


                                                  Globe’s all-new S-Series line of slicers delivers MORE of the
                                                  powerful features operators need, and the high-quality cuts
                                                  customers expect. With consistent performance, convenience,
                                                  and low cost of ownership, the S-Series sets a new standard
                                                  for heavy-duty slicers.

                                                  More PRECISION
                                                  The patent pending indexing system and oversized knob
                                                  provides precise control for the thinnest slices.
            0  1/32 1/16 3/32  1/8
      Hobart 0  1/8
      Other                                       More YIELD
                                                  The specially designed carriage and end weight provides better
                                                  product retention generating higher yield. The knife and sharpen-
                                                  ing system maintains the thinnest edge for a superior slice and
                                                  improved yield.

                   45˚                            More CONSISTENCY
                                                  The unique design of the meat grip teeth and weighted arm,
                                                  paired with the grooved carriage, keeps even the largest product
                                                  in place for consistent cuts – slice after slice.

                                                  More ACCESS
                                                  Our patent pending one-piece anodized aluminum base pro-
                                                  vides the most access to typically hard to reach spaces for quick

                                                  More CONVENIENCE
                                                  The carriage easily tilts back for convenient cleaning, and
                                                  remains secured to maintain the precise slicing geometry –
                                                  improving slice quality and yield.

                                                  More SANITATION
                                                  For faster cleanup, each slicer is built with a quickly removable
                                                  slide rod, knife cover and meat grip, and have either a kickstand
                                                  or a lift lever enabling easy countertop cleanup.

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