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         Globe  S13A
         Automatic Slicers Standard Features
         •  1/2 HP continuous use knife motor combined with the high efficiency knife
           drive system delivers optimum power
         •  13" German steel knife with hardened edge provides quality slices and
           higher yield
         •  Patent pending anodized aluminum design and construction for quick and
           easy cleaning
         •  Patent pending indexing system enables accurate and precise slice
           thickness adjustment up to 1-1/8"

         •  Tilting carriage accommodates up to 13.75" h, 8" dia., 11" w large
           products, like prosciutto, mortadella and bacon
         •  50°, 13" tall gravity feed carriage improves productivity                 r S13A Premium
                                                                                      Automatic Slicer
         •  Advanced meat grip design for superior product hold
         •  No voltage release prevents inadvertent reactivation of slicer in the event of
           interlock or power interruption
         •  Interlock prevents slicer from operating without the knife cover in place
         •  Variable speed brushless automatic motor delivers 3ft. lbs. of peak torque
           in automatic mode
         •  Patent pending auto engagement system ensures no slippage while slicing
         •  Lift lever to facilitate ease of cleaning table underneath slicer
         •  Top mounted, removable sharpening system utilizes long lasting synthetic
           diamond surfaces and enables quick and easy sharpening and cleaning
         •  Patent pending graphic user interface with Clear Text LCD display provides
           operator messages, diagnostics and system information in dual languages
         •  2 cut lengths and 2 speeds                                                            r SG13A Advanced
                                                                                                  Premium Automatic Slicer

         Globe  SG13A
         Automatic Slicers Advanced Features (above included)
                                                                                   MADE IN THE U.S.A.
         •  Home Start – carriage must be in home position to start slicer
         •  Return to Home – returns carriage to home position when
           powering off motor
         •  Carriage tilt interlock – prevents knife exposure when carriage is
           tilted and prevents slicer from operating
         •  Adjustable timer – shuts off slicer after inactivity                  BEST WARRANTY IN THE INDUSTRY!
                                                                            Two-year parts and labor for all premium slicers
         •  Close to Stop – closing slicer table shuts off slicer
         •  3 cut lengths and 4 speeds

          Globe offers an exclusive extended warranty on all Globe Slicers. When purchased, the extended warranty goes into effect the first day the standard
              warranty terms have been met. Warranty extension is only available for purchase at the time of equipment sale. Each slicer comes with a
           standard warranty at no cost to you. If purchased, a warranty extension will go into effect the first day the standard warranty terms have been met.

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