Globe Charbroilers

Customizable grilling from 15” to 48”

Globe’s gas countertop charbroilers are a beacon of customizable grilling. Choose from four sizes, between 15" and 48", to fit whatever space you need. With flame every 6" and control every 12", the 40,000 BTU burners get the job done. Get more versatility with reversible grates and 3 options for heat transfer.


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The Burger Champion

There’s no better way to round out your turn-key burger operation. Paired with our Meat Chopper, Portion Control Scale and Patty Press, Globe Gas Charbroilers provide the proper finish to perfect patties. Consistent patties and heat distribution plus grill marks and charbroiler flavor take your gourmet burgers to the next level.


GCB15G-SR: 15" Gas Charbroiler, Stainless Steel Radiants
GCB15G-CR: 15" Gas Charbroiler, Cast Iron Radiants
GCB15G-RK: 15" Charbroiler, Char Rock Kit

GCB24G-SR: 24" Gas Charbroiler, Stainless Steel Radiants
 24" Gas Charbroiler, Cast Iron Radiants
GCB24G-RK: 24" Charbroiler, Char Rock Kit

GCB36G-SR: 36" Gas Charbroiler, Stainless Steel Radiants
GCB36G-CR: 36" Gas Charbroiler, Cast Iron Radiants
GCB36G-RK: 36" Charbroiler, Char Rock Kit

GCB48G-SR: 48" Gas Charbroiler, Stainless Steel Radiants
GCB48G-CR: 48" Gas Charbroiler, Cast Iron Radiants
GCB48G-RK: 48" Charbroiler, Char Rock Kit


Each model of charbroiler is available with three options of heat transfer: stainless steel radiants, cast iron radiants and char rocks. Below is the information you need to help you decide which best fits your grilling needs.

(1) Char Rock Kits: If you’re looking for enhanced flavor, you’re looking for char rock. Placed above the burners, char rocks heat up and radiate upward toward the food. Tiny pores in the rocks collect drippings, creating a smoky flavor and flare-ups. Though char rocks require a bit more maintenance, they can enhance the flavor of products. 

(2) Stainless Steel Radiants: Stainless steel radiants aren’t as high-heat as char rock or cast iron, but are more durable and resilient, and don’t require oiling.

(3) Cast Iron Radiants: For the best heat retention, try cast iron radiants. Though they are heavy-duty, they do require seasoning to protect against rust and corrosion.

  • 15'', 24", 36" or 48" width
  • Radiant or Char Rock heating
  • High performance 40,000 BTU per burner
  • Stainless steel U-style burners provide flame every 6''
  • Stainless steel, double wall construction front, sides and back, and extended cool-to-touch front edge
  • Heavy duty, reversible cast iron grates with drip flavor edge
  • Individual adjustable pilot for each burner with easy front panel access
  • Versatile grate position, angled or flat
  • Field convertible to radiant, char rock, or combination
  • Adjustable 4'' stainless steel legs
  • Unit ships Natural Gas with LP conversion kit included
  • 3/4 inch standard pipe size I.D. connection
  • 2-year parts and labor warranty

All units ship Natural Gas ready with convertible regulator. Liquid Propane conversion kit is included for kitchens equipped with this gas type. Conversion of your unit from Natural Gas to LP must be completed by an authorized gas installer.

  • Restaurants
  • Bar & Grills
  • Breweries
  • Food Trucks