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Fry anything fast and easily from your countertop.


GF15G,GF15PG: 15lb. Capacity Gas Countertop Fryer     GF30G,GF30PG: 30lb. Capacity Gas Countertop Fryer


  • 15 lb. or 30 lb. oil capacities
  • High performance burners
    • 15 lb. fryer - 2 burners totaling 26,500 BTUs
    • 30 lb. fryer - 4 burners totaling 53,000 BTUs 
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Stainless steel fry pot with drain valve and extension pipe
  • Robert Shaw™ snap-action thermostats for fast recovery
  • Heavy duty nickel-plated fry baskets with cool-to-touch insulated handles
    • GF15G/GF15PG – 1 Standard Basket – holds up to 5 lbs. of product
    • GF30G/GF30PG – 2 Standard Baskets – holds up to 10 lbs. of product total
  • High performance, stainless steel tube burners inside heat chambers
  • High limit thermostat protection
  • Unit ships Natural Gas or LP
  • Adjustable 4'' stainless steel legs


  • Designed for heavy-duty countertop frying such as: french fries, onion rings, chicken, donuts, fish fillets, shrimp, and more.
  • 30 lb. fryer produces 40-50 lbs. of fries per hr. - frozen to finish
  • 3/4 inch standard pipe size I.D. connection

All units ship Natural Gas OR Liquid Propane ready. Please specify preferred gas configuration when placing order.

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