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Globe's FLOOR mixers are the perfect mix of performance and price

Globe floor mixers are tough, durable, and built to last, providing years of dependable operation at a fraction of the cost of other mixers. These quality mixers are ideal for all types of operations from restaurants and school kitchens to pizzerias and corner bakeries. See why Globe mixers are the perfect mix.


CLICK HERE to check out the GLOBE PRODUCT VIDEO SHOWCASE for helpful training videos on most Globe bench and floor mixers.


All of our floor mixers include:

  • Gear Transmission - Gears and shafts are substantially thicker to give additional strength and longevity to Globe’s mixer transmissions
  • Quality Construction and Design - Globe’s rigid cast iron body can easily handle the high torque produced when mixing heavy loads
  • Lower Cost of Ownership - Priced to provide significant savings over other brands without compromising on a proven design and durable components ensuring years of reliable operation
  • Space Saving Design - Slide away bowl guard enables convenient bowl access without taking up additional kitchen space
  • Safety Interlocks - Safety interlocked bowl guard and bowl lift provide safe operation and peace of mind
  • Spring Loaded Bowl Clamps - Securely holds the bowl in place, reducing bowl rocking and agitator damage 
  • Complete Mixer Package - A bowl, beater, hook, whip, timer, and #12 attachment hub are included at no additional costs (60 and 80 qt units include a bowl truck) (60 qt pizza mixer and 80 qt mixer include a power bowl lift)

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Floor Mixers



Quick specs


30 Quart Mixer

1 HP, 115/60/1, 3 Speeds


30 Quart Pizza Mixer

1 1/2 HP, 220/60/1, 3 Speeds


40 Quart Mixer

2 HP, 220/60/1, 3 Speeds


60 Quart Mixer

3 HP, 220/60/1, 3 Speeds

60 Quart Pizza Mixer

3 HP, 220/60/1/3, 2 Speeds, Power Bowl Lift


60 Quart Mixer

3 HP, 220/60/1/3, 4 Speeds, Power Bowl Lift

80 Quart Mixer

3 HP, 208/60/3, 4 Speeds, Power Bowl Lift




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