Patty Presses

4” and 5” diameter patties

Designed for simple operation to quickly produce uniform beef burgers and other ground protein, Globe Patty Presses are compact and easily store in a cabinet — saving counter space. Simple to operate, they create perfect, uniform patties easily. Turn your burgers into gourmet burgers with a Globe Patty Press.


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Built to Impress

There’s no better way to round out your turn-key burger operation. Pair a Patty Press with our Portion Control Scale, Meat Chopper and Gas Griddle or Charbroiler, and take your gourmet burgers to the next level. Perfectly portion every patty, achieving recipe consistency and waste reduction.


  • Press dish forms 4" diameter (PP4) or 5" diameter (PP5) patty
  • Rugged anodized aluminum base with stainless press bowl and press plate
  • Heavy-duty, single-level press handle
  • Detachable wax paper divider holder
  • Compact ergonomic design, stores easily on countertop or in a cabinet
  • Manually operated
  • 1-year replacement warranty or general/limited replacement parts