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  • Available for all S-Series models
  • Knife is secured in tool for operator protection
  • Tool easily removes knife for more access under the knife and faster, easier cleanup
  • Knife and removal tool are dish machine safe 

See a video of the knife removal tool in action!

S-Series Knife Removal Tool 
S-Series Removable Carriage


  • Available for all S-Series models
  • Carriage easily lifts off slicer for cleaning
  • Captive knob keeps carriage secure during slicing
  • Carriage is removable without tilting, saving valuable space


  • Available for S13 and S13A only
  • Slices frozen product between 0° and 32° F, as well as most non-frozen products
  • Patent-pending indexing system enables accurate and precise slice thickness adjustment up to 1/8"
  • 13" double serrated steel knife with hardened edge provides quality slices and higher yield
  • Slices 30 strokes per minute in automatic mode
S-Series Frozen Slicer
S-Series Correctional Slicer 


  • Available for S13 and S13A only
  • External fasteners are tamper resistant 6-point star shaped Torx® screw heads which can only be removed with a special driver bit supplied with the slicer
  • Knife cover, carriage tilt and sharpener blank secured with Torx® screws
  • Secured sharpener blank allows real sharpener to be secured away from slicer
  • Slicer feet can be secured to table
  • Slide rod and end weight are non-removable
  • Bottom cover is secured with Torx® screws


  • Available for all models
  • For high acid content applications as found in vegetable and fruit preparation
  • Also recommended for tempered (semi frozen) meat cutting
 Stainless Steel Knife
S-Series Meat Room Slicer 


  • Available for all models
  • Specific parts are specially treated to prevent damage due to moisture
  • Helps protect slicer from corrosion caused by extreme moisture applications
  • Includes 13" stainless steel knife (SSK)

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