S-Series Slicers

13” knife, perfect for all day meat and cheese slicing

Globe’s all-new S-Series slicers deliver more of the powerful features operators need and the high-quality cuts their customers expect. With consistent performance, convenience, and low cost of ownership, the S-Series sets a new standard for heavy-duty slicers.


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Designed with the user in mind, the S-Series slicers are packed with with features to make operation, cleaning and maintenance easier. Better engineering increases yield and offers more operator protection features. Innovation and quality construction lower the total life-cycle cost. Check out what makes these slicers MORE than the sum of their parts.


Globe’s S-Series slicers let you customize you slicer to fit your needs, with industry-specific designs and removable parts for easier cleaning!

  • Patented anodized aluminum design
  • Patent pending indexing system with accurate and precise slice thickness adjustment up to 1-1/8”
  • 13” steel knife with hardened edge
  • 1/2 HP continuous use knife motor
  • Tilting carriage accommodates up to 13.75” h, 8” dia., 11” w large products
  • Advanced meat grip design for superior product hold
  • No voltage release prevents inadvertent reactivation of slicer in the event of interlock or power interruption
  • Interlock prevents slicer from operating without the knife cover in place
  • Top mounted, removable sharpening system enables quick and easy sharpening and cleaning
  • Kickstand to facilitate ease of cleaning
  • 2-year parts and labor slicer warranty
  • Home Start – carriage must be in home position to start slicer
  • Adjustable timer – shuts off slicer after inactivity
  • Close to Stop – closing slicer table shuts off slicer
  • Carriage tilt interlock – no knife exposure when carriage is tilted and prevents slicer from operating
  • Patent pending Clear Text LCD display shows operator messages, diagnostics & system information in English, Spanish and French
  • Advanced synthetic diamond sharpening system with lifetime warranty on sharpening stones
  • Standard Automatic has 2 stroke lengths & 2 speeds
  • Advanced Automatic has 3 stroke lengths & 4 speeds
  • Lift lever for easy cleaning under slicer
  • Advanced Automatic has Return Home features, which returns the carriage to the home position

Globe’s S-Series slicers have gone above and beyond in delivering quality slices. The innovative indexing system, end weight and meat grip, and carriage geometry combine for more precision, more consistency and more yield.

Every aspect of operation is made easier through S-Series features like the Clear Text display, ergonomic handles, extended carriage, color cues, varying speeds and stroke length (with automatic models) and top-mounted sharpener. These premium slicers are truly designed with the user in mind.

While features like the meat grip and indexing system help save money, these features help save on time, and isn’t that the same thing? Check out the S-Series cleanability features and see how Globe speeds up cleaning time.

The savings don’t end at the time of purchase. Check out what after-sale benefits keep total life-cycle costs down, and keep the S-Series up and running.


Globe S-Series slicers come with a 2-year parts & labor warranty, double that of our key competitors, with unparalleled customer support extending beyond the sale.


Knife and parts replacement costs reduce the total life cycle cost of the slicer and are lower than replacement costs of the competition.


S-Series service and parts are available from more sources including multiple local servicers, parts distributors and dealers.

Check out our Slicer Selection Guide or refer to the list below to fit a slicer to your application.

  • Delis and sandwich shops
  • High-volume Restaurants
  • Restaurants slicing frozen meats (frozen options)
  • K-12 schools
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Healthcare
  • Meat Rooms
  • Business and Institutions (on-site operations)