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Do you have the right slicer for your operation?

Slicer Selection Guide

A few things to consider...

  • Will you be slicing cheese? If so, how much and how often?
    If slicing cheese is integral to an operation, Globe slicers are a must have! Globe’s Premium slicers, with a gear-driven knife, are well suited for slicing cheese as the slicer does not get bogged down when the cheese makes contact with the knife.
    For medium-duty operations where cheese will be sliced on a limited basis, the heavy-duty or medium-duty compact slicers will work, see the selection guide below.
  • What if the product is frozen?
    Frozen products, such as frozen meat, are difficult - at best - when slicing. Globe’s SF series’ slicers (S13-F and S13A-F) are designed with a serrated knife and a heavy-duty transmission to power through frozen meats.
  • How many hours per day will the slicer be used?
    If slicing plays a significant role in your daily operations, Globe’s premium slicers can withstand constant use and are recommended for their precision slicing, powerful performance and proven reliability.

Click HERE for Slicer Selection Guide (English & Spanish) pdf
Click HERE for Slicer Accessory Guide



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